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Challenging old-school style Base Fit workouts and formatting. Packed with rider / sport specific movements that will take your fitness and mental tenacity to the next level.  If you love off-the wall training, this program is for you.

Included in the Base Fit Old School is:

3 ‘old school’ Base Fit workouts per week (total 18) which is set at a Base Fit intensity level of 3 (which is medium to high intensity.  For long term Base Fitters think of the old level 8)

1 x bonus cardio stamina session per week (total 6)

A meal plan with sport fitness nutrition notes.

A personal coaching call with one of our eager Base Fit Online coaches.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Weights: 3 pairs of dumbbells: A pair that is light for you, intermediate and a heavy pair.
  • Cardio: Skipping rope
  • Other: Bench or aerobic step, Swiss ball (physio ball)

The following are not necessary but great to have:

  • Bosu, medicine ball, ankle weights, pull up bar and a rower.

Join us, this program is guaranteed to flood your body with endorphins.

Click here 👇🏽to find the equipment you need for this program:

Equipment Base Fit Old School

Basefit wheel

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Susan Smit Susan Smit
Posted 1 year ago
Hard core and fun

A little bit more tough than what I am use to, but so much more fun!And to be able to have access to my programs where ever, when ever, now there is no reason not to exercise.

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Amanda Sealy Amanda Sealy
Posted 1 year ago
Love It! Traditional Base Fit.

This is the kind of training that sets Base Fit streets ahead in the sport fitness industry. Unconventional, quirky and keeps you focused all the way through to the last rep of the last exercise.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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