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We teamed up with Wade Young, World Hard Enduro Champion, to bring you a video style fitness program for entry level enduro fitness.

RIDE STRONGER FOR LONGER: Using our proven fitness training techniques, develop the stamina you need to ride strong for longer.

MANOEUVER YOUR BIKE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE:  We show you core exercises specifically for enduro riding that will give you the confidence to take on challenging situations with ease.

Whether you are a skilled rider, or just starting out, with targeted conditioning, your riding capability can be doubled even tripled, or even more, when your body is as finely tuned as your bike. Base Fit programs mimic as many riding scenarios as possible from a strength, stamina, as well as mental perspective.  The trick is having the ability to generate power from your core.  This is also the reason most other training programs are not effective for enduro.

This program includes:

8 x Workout Videos

1 x Warm Up Video

1 x Stretch Video

2 x Training Schedules

8 x Printable Workouts

Feedback from Wade Young customers:

“I used to think normal gym and cardio would be ok to help me prepare for my enduro races, but I always ran out of power before the finish. Wade’s Foundation Fitness programme helped me focus on training specific body parts for enduro and helped me perfect my stamina. Thanks Wade!”

Eric Osaka

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I love riding enduro but lacked stamina for race days. Wade’s Foundation Training helped me put strong basics in place to be power on the bike, for longer.”

Malcolm Gravitz

Rating: 4 out of 5.

To view more Wade Young products and services please go to:

For more Base Fit training programs for enduro we suggest ‘Race Ready Fitness’, ‘Boot Camp’, ‘Old School’ and ‘Core is King’.

To chat to our base Fit Head Coach please send an email to and request a coaching call or ask your question in your mail.

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